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This Week on Enliven Blog: The 3 Summit Prayer Strategy

When we look at a mountain, we see something that is awe-inspiring. It presents a challenge, a summit to conquer.

I believe many of you are faced with giant-sized challenges right now.

Your Father wants you to know that you are not lacking; you are fully empowered in the Spirit!

  • You are equipped with everything you need to see His purposes take place in that situation.

A Prophetic Prayer Strategy

The ‘3 Summit Strategy’ began when my husband and I were faced with a challenging situation, and the Holy Spirit led us to pray this way.

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About Enliven Ministries

We are a prophetic ministry based in Melbourne, Australia and a part of the David McCracken Ministries family. Our aim is twofold: firstly to be a prophetic voice, and secondly to equip people who want to grow in their ability to hear God’s voice, in prayer, prophecy and other spiritual gifts.

‘Enliven’ is a synonym for ‘revive’. Our desire at Enliven Ministries is to be a life-giving, Spirit-empowered ministry.