On Enliven Blog: “Watchman Intercessor: 5 Powerful Benefits of Watching for God FIRST”

Do you long to minister and pray out of the anointing of the Holy Spirit? Or, do you desire to be closely acquainted with God’s Presence?
You may relate to being a “watchman intercessor” or prayer warrior.

Watching for God is the “superpower” of the intercessor. So, here are 5 significant benefits of focusing your spiritual eyes on God and seeing what He is up to, first and foremost.

1. You’ll See the New Things God is Bringing to Birth

Consider how this unfolds in the New Testament. It was the shepherds—the ones who were keeping watch—who saw the angelic hosts!
And they were the first to see Jesus as a newborn baby and welcome the Savior into the world. (Luke 2:8)

Here in this powerful story, there’s a promise for all of us who are keeping watch.
So today I declare this over you:

Perhaps, you are “awake” at the midnight hour, but God has called you, to witness something of great significance.
You will see the new things God is bringing to birth…

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