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On Enliven Blog: 3 Keys to Anointed Faith (Oil Your Shield!)

I believe God is saying, ‘I have a fresh anointing ready to release upon your faith! That enemy that has been resisting you will not hold you back any longer. Instead, that enemy is about to get knocked back.’

A few days ago, I was worshipping in our church when a picture came to my mind’s eye. I saw someone crouched over a shield, with a container of oil and a cloth. The person was using the cloth to rub the oil into the shield.

When I looked up a Bible dictionary, I learned that ancient shields were made either of several thicknesses of leather, or of wood covered in leather. They were cared for by the application of oil, which kept them supple.

In Isaiah 21, for example, the prophet is sounding an alarm to Babylon and he cries out, ‘Get up, you officers, oil the shields!’ (Is 21:5b, NIV)

Right now is the time to apply the Spirit’s anointing to our faith.

Are you facing a battle?
Be encouraged today. It’s time to oil your shield.

You can have anointed faith; faith that has been in contact with the Presence of God.

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