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On Enliven Blog: Prophetic Insight: He is Coming to You as Fire

Have you ever prayed, ‘Lord, show me Your glory’, or asked for more of God’s fire?

There are times when God comes softly, and there are times He comes as Fire. And I believe now is one of those times, for many of us who have been hungering for Him—a time when He says:

‘Beloved, this is what you asked for, when you earnestly desired Me and craved My glory and brightness. You called for My fire.’

And you see Jesus as you have never seen Him before.

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About Enliven Ministries

We are a prophetic ministry based in Melbourne, Australia and a part of the David McCracken Ministries family. Our aim is twofold: firstly to be a prophetic voice, and secondly to equip people who want to grow in their ability to hear God’s voice, in prayer, prophecy and other spiritual gifts.

‘Enliven’ is a synonym for ‘revive’. Our desire at Enliven Ministries is to be a life-giving, Spirit-empowered ministry.