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On Enliven Blog: Prophetic Word for 2020: Reformation: You are Being Shaped Again

One year ago, I was standing on the shoreline on New Year’s Day, watching the incoming waves.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit reminded me of an unusual word He had given to me months before—“reformation”.

In that moment, I felt prompted to look up the dictionary definition.
It was not the historic or political aspects of reformation that stood out to me, but the origin of the word itself.

Reformation is from two Latin words, meaning “shaped again.”

Shaped Again: The Message of the Waves

In that moment I saw it:
A second wave coming into the shoreline is made from the same water, from the same sea.

But that water is added to and reformed, in a seamless continuation of what has been before.

The seawater is being “shaped again”.

Honor What God Has Done Before

As we contemplate past moves of the Holy Spirit, we know He is not going to move in the same way again…

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