Enliven Ministries update: When God is Your Partner

As the new year dawned, I faced one of the greatest faith challenges of my life—birthing a brand new ministry. Thankfully, it was clearly by God’s design and not my own idea!

I journaled, ‘Enliven Blog is a missionary endeavour that is touching thousands of lives, but is costing more money each month than it is bringing in. Can God turn that around? Absolutely. Will He? Yes, for this is His idea, and He is my Father.’

One day in December I was on the phone, setting into motion the registration of Enliven Ministries as an Australian ‘not for profit’ company. As I heard how much the start-up was going to cost financially, the Holy Spirit gave me a vision. I saw myself holding a ball and then throwing it as hard as I could onto the ground. God was saying, ‘Give that cost to Me!’

A couple of hours later, I received that first invoice by email. At that moment, I remembered the vision, and so I went hunting in our wardrobe that is stocked with children’s toys, until I found a ball. The semi-deflated AFL football was not quite what I had in mind. But I took that ball by faith and then I prayed. As I held it in my hands, I saw something. In sports, the ball is not sent straight into the goal post—first, it gets handed from one team player to another. God was saying, ‘I’m on your team. You can pass that ball to Me!’ Suddenly I was excited, I couldn’t wait to pay that invoice because I knew my Father had it—and every other expense—covered.

But before the breakthrough, things were about to get even more complicated. My husband’s employment contract came to an unexpected end. On a single day, both of our secure incomes dropped away. (I wrote about that in my recent blog post).

Now, more than two months since the vision of the ball, I can testify that when God is your partner, the impossible is made possible! Enliven Ministries’ start-up costs, along with my first month’s salary, have been covered. My husband has stepped into a new job. Now, I face another month (March) needing a miracle all over again. Such is the life of faith!

Enliven Ministries news and prayer requests

It has been two months of hard work, and I’m thrilled to share with you some of the progress:

    • A brand new Enliven Ministries website, which you can find here
    • My first online video course on the topic of spiritual warfare (how to identify and overcome spiritual attack) is underway and due for completion in March
    • We have had our first ministry engagements—you can listen to my first sermon for the year on my Enliven Blog podcast page

My husband Malcolm and I are grateful to our family at David McCracken Ministries who have generously given their support and expertise to help launch us into this new season.

It’s still early days and I value your prayer for these things in particular:

  • Wisdom concerning ongoing set-up decisions and processes
  • The completion of the first stage of the online course and my boldness to market it
  • Financial provision for the month of March

I also have some projects on my heart. For example, I would like to make the free prophetic training resources of Enliven Blog available in Spanish and Mandarin, and I have begun investigations into this.

Finally, I express my gratitude to you personally for your interest in Enliven Ministries. I pray you are encouraged in your own partnership with Jesus. Our God is faithful!


Helen Calder

Enliven Ministries