On Enliven Blog: “This Prophetic Word is for Right Now!”

Do you have any prophetic dreams, prophecies, or promises from the past, that you have shelved or forgotten?
I believe the Holy Spirit is “re-calling” some prophetic words that were given in the past.

They are not old, they have not expired; they are fresh for right now.
That prophetic word may have been fulfilled in part, but it is coming around again!

You may have thought that prophetic word or promise, was small or insignificant—and yet, that prophetic insight carries power for the present time.

“The Building Materials Have Changed”
On 19th July, Malcolm and I were climbing a hill at a local park, when I suggested a detour.
We made our way to where some objects from the original quarry site—one of which is dated 1876—are kept…

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