About Enliven Ministries

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty (Zech 4:6b).

Why the name “Enliven Ministries”?

Helen recalls,
“The name, “Enliven” dates back to publishing my first book in 2007. At the time, I was seeking a business name, in order to publish the book. One night, I was looking over the local business names register. It seemed many businesses were already using the name, “Revival” (our first choice), so I turned to an online Thesaurus to look up synonyms. In what seemed to be a spontaneous moment, Malcolm and I chose “Enliven”!

So, Enliven Publishing—along with enlivenpublishing.com—was birthed.
In 2009, I added a blog to my Enliven Publishing website (formerly “Enliven Publishing Blog”), never dreaming that Enliven Blogas it was renamed in 2011would continue and be flourishing fourteen years later, as my primary expression of ministry.”

Our Core Values of Prophetic Ministry

We believe that health in the prophetic movement globally is vital to this vision of a revived church being fulfilled! For this reason, our core values [1] are infused into all our teaching and everything we say and do.

These core values could be described in the phrase:
“A Father-presenting, Jesus-pursuing, Spirit-sourced ministry: A Biblically grounded, leadership honoring, integrity seeking, Church-loving, Kingdom-extending ministry, based in intimacy with God.

Our history with David McCracken Ministries

From January 2017 onwards, David McCracken Ministries expanded from being a team of ministers to being a family of ministries. Enliven Ministries was birthed out of David McCracken Ministries. Although we are now an independent ministry, David McCracken is still our spiritual father, as well as one of our apostolic advisors, and has been for over twelve years!

Who is on the Enliven Ministries Team?

Helen Calder is the founder of Enliven Ministries, supported by her husband Malcolm, along with four other Directors.
Malcolm and Helen are ordained ministers, holding credentials with David McCracken Ministries.
We are also grateful to have team members who are providing assistance in practical and administrative areas and look forward to expanding the team in the future.

What is your Statement of Faith?

Our doctrinal alignment is as follows:

  1. Our ministry is related to David McCracken Ministries and our home church is Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia.
  2. A statement of faith for the Australian Christian Churches movement (which our church is a part of) can be found here: http://www.acc.org.au/about-us/doctrinal-basis/

Enliven Ministries exists to:

1. Be a prophetic voice
2. Equip, inspire, and resource prophetic people, Christian leaders, and “Schools of the Spirit” globally

Our primary focus for empowering and equipping is in the areas of prophetic ministry, discernment, and prayer.

We are a prophetic ministry, and in addition to our online resources, our team travels, ministers, and speaks as God leads us.

Enliven Blog has become a significant resource where Christians and leaders can come to receive free learning and empowerment on the topics of prophecy, discernment, prayer, and more.

We now offer online courses, including a Prophetic School which you can view here.

How is Enliven Ministries set up?

Enliven Ministries is set up as a registered not-for-profit company in Australia, and our legal entity is Enliven Ministries Ltd.

Enliven Ministries Ltd has been established with five Directors, including David McCracken.

[1] If you are interested in more information about our core values, read our 9 core values of prophetic ministry here on Enliven Blog

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