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67 thoughts on “Subscription Confirmed

  1. Olie

    Thank you for blessing God’s people. I really want to develop my discernment gift and serve His people appropriately.

  2. Janice

    I am so glad to stumble across this site, as I am in the beginning to experience discernment, I am dreaming dreams that are not so pleasant and I have never had dreams like these. I always had good dreams with The Lord. I am so glad to see this information as it has already been very helpful. Please do send me the book. Blessings!

  3. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi everyone! Thank you for leaving the comments. I pray you are empowered and blessed as you journey with the eBook and Enliven Blog.

  4. Tiffani Priester

    Hi! Is there anyway i could receive any of your books and price list by mail? I definitely believe im hearing from God concerning developing my prophetic gift(where to begin and growing). I walk in the office. Thank you

  5. Omelebele

    I bless God for this great site, I believe that it is the will of God that I stumbled to this site coz I really wanna know who I am I have multiple gifts but I wanna know perfectly how to use them for my father in heaven I currently have my own ministry called White As Snow Fire Ministry Worldwide, we are still growning by his grace is just a 1year old and I and my wife, my youths are experiencing strong wave of the Holy Spirit in the areas of prophecy and deliverance so I need to know more about this gifts so that it won’t fade away, thanks and remain in his grace

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      That’s great, Omelebele, thank you for joining our site. You can use the search box at the top right of the blog to find articles on the topics you are interested in, too. Blessings!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Kelli, sorry you’re having trouble with the eBook! The email with the link should have been sent to your inbox, if you can’t see it check your spam filter. Let me know if it’s not there and we will get one to you. 🙂

  6. Steven

    Hi,i have been gifted with a spirit of discernment and i know who my enemies are,my close relatives bewitching me!what do i do to them?how do i live with people who wanted me dead?,insane?,poor?,who have made me fail in my studies?who want to do the same to my family?

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Steven, I’m sorry to hear of the battle you have been in, and pray that you will know the courage of the Holy Spirit and God’s love so that you can do according to Luke 6:28… ‘bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.’

      1. Princess

        Amen Sister Helen Amen I will be careful to do the same. I will keep rejoicing because our GOD is GOD all by himself.

    2. Princess

      You are not alone I am right there with my family and suppose to be friends. But the Lord has been showing me the call on my life more and more vividly, I always knew GOD had something special for me to do in his KINGDOM here on earth. But he also showed me my greatest Hate, and Jealousy would come from the closest people who just happens to be my Family’s. Be encouraged GOD is working behind the scenes to our benefits but to his GLORY Amen

  7. Julius Abbi

    Since I stumbled on your teaching blog last year I’ve been greatly blessed. I’m happy to associate with you. I’m beginning to develop my prophetic ministry now though I’ve been a pastor for a long while. I desire personal contact with you, Madam, dear Servant of the most high God!

  8. chioma

    Thank you so much for your blog,I have been having strange headaches when I come around certain people and the headache only stays under control when I pray in tongues. The longer I spend time in such environment the worse I feel even days after the experince but if I walk away the headache goes. Is this discernment?

  9. Marsife Toledano

    I praise God I now have a guide to be able to get the gift of discernment. I really have this strong urge deep within to have this gift. I have the longing to be closer to God intimately.I have been praying to be more sensitive to God’s dealing with me. I hunger to know the role of the Holy Spirit in my life. I need my Spiritual eyes to be opened.Thank God for sharing your experiences. May you be blessed all the more.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thanks Marsife, may you find the greater intimacy with God that you hunger for.

  10. Helen Calder Post author

    Thanks Anthony, I’m glad the teaching has been a blessing. 🙂

  11. oloche

    Thank God for the work You are doing, I want to impart the word Using this means of teaching the world too. I desire this anoiting too. May God increase the Oil upon You and grant You more wisdom, You are truly a blessing.

  12. Emmanuel Khumbanyiwa

    I was very glad to read prophetic information from you. Please send me much more I want to develop my prophetic gift to assist the saint. I am a pastor as of now but I don`t know how to prophesy.

  13. Rosser

    I can’t wait to get started on these teachings, is what have been missing and looking for, for I know I will learn a lot the Lord bless you

  14. Pius Fordjour

    Jesus be praised. I believe through your teachings I would grow more in the prophetic.

  15. Victoria

    I’ve known since I was a child that something was different about me. I am glad to take this journey with other’s like me.

  16. Roy

    There is no doubt in mind that the Lord has gifted me in prophetic ministry. I have been cautious because so many, so called, prophets get way out there. Others feel they have a ministry of rebuke.

    I like your teachings and stressing words from the Lord to help people, to lift them up and not to slam them down in sin.

    So, I look forward to reading emails from your ministry.

    May the Lord continue to bless you with His knowledge and wisdom.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thanks Roy, that’s all very true. May you find our teaching empowering and refreshing.

  17. Sharon Bloch

    thank you!!! I look forward to learning more about this gift and how I can use it to help others!! I see angels and demons at times over the years!! I have even seen my children’s guardian angels!! Thank you again!!

  18. jemima

    Thank you for subscribing me. Thank you for blessing us. May God shower His blessings to you!

  19. Mike

    I have always had the greatest respect for David McCracken since in 2001 he confirmed prophetically to my wife that we were to go to PNG to live for a season. This was totally coincidental to a public address he was making in a church at that time.
    I look forward to discovering and growing through your resources.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      That’s great Mike! We are very blessed to be in this ministry with David and Margaret. Thank you for journeying with us 🙂

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Oppong, you should have received a link in an email to download the free eBook, let us know if you have trouble receiving it.

  20. Vonda

    Thank you so much for your teaching. It really help me. I pray that God will guild my step a closer walk with God Amen !!!!!

  21. Josephine

    Thank you so very much. I really need to read and educate myself on what is happening to me. I’m 43 years old and at moments I feel so different. Thank you once again. God bless!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Josephine, thanks for the opportunity to share with you. 🙂

  22. Tina [email protected]

    Thank God for you and for your ministry this has truly blessed me to see how God blesses us with gifts and how we can effectively use the gift to grow the kingdom of God and for the edification of the body of Christ. I’m so glad that God led me to this website and I pray that others would be blessed as you continue to share what God has given you God bless you Tina.

  23. Wisdom Edem

    Thanks for accepting me. I have been in ministry for the past 8yrs. Though I have learnt a lot from my Mentor, I still want to learn more under you. I have the discernment that you have an indepth knowledge about my gifts which you will impart into me. Always under your feet to learn more. God richly bless you.

  24. Praise

    Thank you mam. You are inspiring and motivating. Am tremendously blessed and helped by your articles.

  25. Johannes

    Thank you very much for helping me to grown in Christ. May God bless you heavily

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