Online Course News – March 2019

New content!

Did you know that the ‘course completion percentage’ on your reminder email doesn’t include content that has been added since you first signed up?

  • Don’t forget to review your course, to check for brand new videos and PDFs, especially if you’re in the Prayer School. Here are the most recent additions:

School of Intimacy and Prayer

Recent uploads:

I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ve added quite a few videos and PDF’s during the past month, including:

**Receiving (Soaking) Prayer: How to stay filled with the Holy Spirit through soaking prayer, with PDF transcript, Scriptures and ideas for activation

**Growing in intimacy with the Holy Spirit: Conversation and non-verbal communication with the Holy Spirit and more (5 videos + PDF)

**How to birth your prophecy through prayer, 2 videos with transcript and questions for reflection

You can see the School of Intimacy and Prayer here.

School of Prophecy and Discernment

In process:

I’m currently working on the following in the Masterclass: The Seer Gift, Grow in Pictures and Visions and look forward to adding this soon :

**My tips for processing and interpreting NUMBERS and COLORS

Completion Certificate

Great news! A completion certificate is now available (by request only). 

If you would like to apply for a completion certificate (Prophetic School only), reply to the notification email or contact me here. Give me a few days and I will send this to you with a copy of the PDF of the Basic Prophetic School Manual.


As I’ve only recently started courses, good feedback goes a long way in helping grow the ministry. So, if you’ve been happy with the Prophetic School, please add your feedback to the review button on your student dashboard – it only takes a minute.

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the Prophetic School, please contact me here or reply to the notification email.

Spiritual Warfare: How to Identify and Overcome Spiritual Attack

Recent uploads:

I have recently added a PDF of powerful declarations of the Blood of Jesus, and a brand new section (downloadable PDF) on the topic of how to identify and overcome the Python Spirit.