Prophetic Training

Opportunities for Prophetic Training

1. Free Prophetic Training

  • Access our online library of prophetic training archives here on Enliven Blog. View these articles in our prophetic training category or use the search function for specific topics.
  • There are now many Prophetic Training videos for free access on our YouTube channel, which you can find here.
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2. Online Prophetic School

The Enliven Ministries Prophetic School is now available online!  View and enroll in our courses here.
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3. Prophetic Training Seminars

See the overview of our seminars below. If you are interested in hosting a seminar/workshop/school, contact us via our speaking page.

The following video is from the online prophetic school:

Prophetic Seminars Overview:

Consider hosting a prophetic school, meetings or seminar with Helen Calder. The purpose of these seminars is to help individuals grow in their ability to hear from God, as well as to empower a healthy prophetic culture in the life of the church.

The time and program is flexible. However, we recommend you allow time in the schedule for activation; to put what is learned into practice.

Option 1: Unlock Your Prophetic Ability (Hear God’s voice for yourself and others)

  • Discover the power of hearing God’s voice and learn about prophecy and prophetic ministry in the church
  • Learn about the different ways that the Holy Spirit communicates to you and how to process what He is saying
  • Gain confidence in weighing up and sharing a prophetic word of encouragement for individuals or for your church
  • This workshop is suitable for beginners and is also highly recommended for leaders and those who are experienced in prophetic ministry

These seminars include personal prophecy and prophetic activation. Note: All prophetic activation is done in a safe, supervised setting.

Option 2: Hearing God’s Voice for Leaders and Emerging Leaders

  • In addition to the above: explore unique ways you personally hear from the Holy Spirit—even if you don’t have a gift of prophecy
  • Learn how to weigh up and respond to prophetic guidance
  • The aim of this workshop is to empower leaders to have greater clarity in hearing God’s voice personally as well as to help and lead others in their own journey of hearing from God

Option 3: Prophetic School

Helen Calder teaches from personal experience over many years of being involved with and leading prayer and prophetic ministry teams in church life.


‘Helen’s ministry was outstanding in every way. The Prophetic Workshop was a very significant time for our church. Helen’s approach was very empowering for all who attended. The feedback we have received has been very positive.
The teaching was thorough, practical and biblical – it was delivered with passion and humility by Helen, and her own character and integrity gave the prophetic ministry authority that helped our people embrace it.

The prophetic encouragements Helen brought to us were spot on, and have confirmed the direction we are heading in as a church. It has certainly sent some ripples of excitement through our people.’
Ps Simon Williams, Connect Church, Bendigo, Victoria.

‘We loved hosting Helen & Malcolm Calder from David McCracken Ministries over the weekend, to lead a teaching seminar and to minister at our morning service. The ministry was encouraging, inspiring and accurate, also resulting in a couple of salvations. They have a very supportive and serving attitude towards senior leadership and won our love, respect and appreciation for their ministry. Get these guys to your place!’
Ps Ray Morel, Wheatlands District Church, Warracknabeal, Victoria

‘Helen was involved in leading and coordinating our Prayer Department. During this time, the prayer area flourished and grew. She also developed training material and conducted seminars on prophecy, prayer and spiritual warfare, which helped strengthen this area in our church.
Helen has strong, anointed gifts of teaching, prayer and prophecy and I highly recommend her ministry.’
Ps Arthur Cherrie, Senior Pastor, The Winepress, Melbourne, VIC