Subscription Information & Tips

Welcome to the Enliven Prophetic School. This information relates to those who have joined using the $6.95 per month plan.

  • If you have paid for the course at full price, you have entered the course with no expiry date—and the following information does not apply to you
  1. The $6.95 subscription plan enables you to be a part of the Prophetic School month by month and opt out (i.e. cancel the plan and the payments) at any time
  2. The debit will appear on your credit card under the name, ‘Enliven Ministries’
  3. The benefit of the monthly plan is that it gives you ongoing access to prophetic training (60 videos plus PDFs and growing) at a very low monthly cost
  4. Note that the plan (including automatic payments) continues to run until you personally cancel it via your dashboard.

You are welcome to opt out at any time—in which case you will no longer have access to the Prophetic School and to future additional classes. 

How to Cancel the $6.95 Monthly Payments

If you are on the $6.95 monthly plan and would like to opt out, here are the instructions to help you manage this process:

  • You can cancel in one action! (Sorry, because this relates to your credit card permissions, this is not something I can do for you)When you are logged into the school, you go to your dashboard and under ‘billing’ simply cancel your subscription. Once your month ends, your enrolment will end too.

To read the step by step instructions for this on the Thinkific site, go to

If you have any further questions regarding subscriptions, you are welcome to contact me here (please note I keep Australian office hours and will respond as soon as I’m able).

For questions relating to prophetic ministry and the school teaching, please use the course Discussion Board.

I pray you are empowered as you receive from the teaching on the school.